Posted Date: 11/1/05

Tip 1: To ensure that you have sufficient cardio to last a few rounds, during a knock down or semi knock down tournament bout. A great tip would be to add 30 to 45 secs for every round you do on the heavy bag or sparring during your training prior to the tournament. This will get your body use to going longer than the needed time during a fight.

Tip 2: When working kicks on the power pads, its is a great idea to hold 2:5 to 5 lbs dumbbells in each hand. This will get your body and shoulders used to moving and fighting with an extra 10 lbs on you. In will actually give you more speed in your movements, and your legs will get much stronger. It also will help keep your hands up during your fights cause your shoulders will have supported an extra 10 Lbs during your training. Osu!!

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