FEBRUARY 2016 - FAMILY PROMO             Posted Date: 2016-02-02 15:27:00

Russo Dojo Kyokushin Karate wants to offer families the opportunity for their children to learn self-confidence, self-defence, respect and discipline in a friendly, family oriented environment.

[b]Promotion 1 – Ends February 28, 2016[/b]

For Families with two or more children (Ages 5-10) - Sign your child up for a (3) month Karate session at ($160) and your second child will receive a 50% rebate on the membership cost for the same three month period. Session runs from March 1 – May 31st.

[b]Promotion 2 – Ends February 28, 2016[/b]
One child (Ages 5-10) that would love to benefit from learning Karate? No problem, sign up during February and he/she only pays ($120) for our March 1 – May 31st session.

And as always our first class is always free to try! Call us today for more details 514.774.6962 or to sign up!

*Please note this promotion is for NEW members only.

    NEW DOJO ADDRESS 2152 TRANSCANADA BESIDE MEUBLE OTTIMO             Posted Date: 2009-04-08 15:09:43
The Russo Dojo is moving into a new and bigger location at 2152 Transcanada, south of the service road right next door to Meuble Ottimo.
Tuesday Jan 5th, the Russo Dojo is opening its doors for training once again.
4600 S/F of Kyokushin Karate-Kickboxing-Jiu jitsu and full MMA.
Parking for over 400 cars right in the front.
Call for info on classes offered.


    2009 Gold Cup Results             Posted Date: 2009-04-01 17:52:30
Russo dojo compete at the 2009 Gold Cup Grand Prix crowning Justin "Juice" Mancini as the 2009 Grand Prix winner

    Beginner Juniors Belt passage Dec 2008             Posted Date: 2009-01-15 15:07:31
Beginner kids tested for their next rank in Dec 2008.
See photos in Belt passages and ceremonies section of the gallery.


    Guardian Dojo Challenge 2008 (winnipeg) results and pics             Posted Date: 2009-01-15 13:31:52
[b]Brigitte Joncas[/b]
3rd place Female Open weight

[b]Justin Mancini [/b]
2nd place Male Light weight

[b]Justin Culzac [/b]
1st place Male Middle weight
1st place Male Heavy weight
1st place Grand champion

A team of three fighters took the trip to Winnipeg and returned with great results.

Osu Team Russo

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